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[My Review] Fragile Longing by Cora Reilly

Title : Fragile Longing
Author : Cora Reilly
Publish Date : September 30, 2020
Mature : Yes
Rating : 3/5

Sofia is a girl who people see as her sister replacement and even her family didn’t know that she is suffering. She have a crush on Danilo and he know about it.

Danilo is a capo who is being left by his ex fiancé who is Sofia sister name Serafina. At first Danilo didn’t see Sofia as his wife but things change that make he finally realized that the Sofia is the one.

Firstly thank you for the ARC. I’m actually a little bit disappointed with this book because i expect this book will have some kind of emotion that will leave me crying my eyes out and book slump. I like the relationship that Sofia and Anna in this book. Sofia is more timid compare to Anna in the early chapter but I can see that her personality is becoming more when she is with Danilo and when they are trying to be a husband and a wife.

I understand why the title is fragile longing. It’s more about Sofia who is fragile but strong at the same time because she is losing her sister Serafina and their family is too busy with their mourning about losing Serafina to Remo and didn’t see that she’s also is suffering. Longing is the feeling of Sofia for Danilo. Danilo is sofia crush even when he is getting engaged to Serafina. She is longing to get his love as a Sofia and not the replacement bride. You can see how much she try to gain his love and it’s amazing when Danilo realize that he need to focus on Sofia and her love instead of focusing to get revenge against Remo.

“Many men continue to do as they please. Men always do as they please, no matter the damage they do.” – Sofia

“I’m not sure I know who I am anymore. Everything I’ve done these last few years has been to please others. I faded into the background to give Mom and Dad room for their sadness. I never asked Samuel for anything because I didn’t want him to think I was taking Fina’s place. I always adapted to everything around me. I was so stupid.” – Sofia

[My Review] Parker & Goodknight (Reed Security) by Giulia Lagomarsino

Title: Parker & Goodknight
Author: Giulia Lagomarsino
Mature: yes
Rating: 4/5

Parker is a ex military man who are discharge for a wrong reason. There’s a bad senator who are involved in this case. So Knight and Parker are trying to get revenge along with the other Reed Security.

Blake is an ex FBI agent that are being fired by her boss because she is trying to prove that there is something wrong with the case.

I miss knight and I’m glad that we have this book and the next one. As always i love reed security and there’s a humor in this book about Parker. I don’t know how to express how happy I am to discover and amazing writer like giulia. Blake and definitely join maggie. I’m sure that it will be epic and can make Cap go crazy. As always thw fight and action in this book really amazing.

The next part in Goodknight there’s a lot of action and a lot of emotion. I mean you feel so frustrated, angry sad and happy in one book. I don’t know how to write a review without giving spoiler for this two book. I will miss this man and their woman. They are strong and thank you to this author who write an amazing book.

[My Review] TNT (Reed Security) by Giulia Lagomarsino

Title: TNT

Author: Giulia Lagomarsino

Mature: Yes

Rating: 5/5

Thank you so much for the arc. I’m a big fan of reed security series. For the next series it’s about Tony Tacos. If you want to know how the book name is TNT instead of Tony, you have to read the book. In this book we can still get about the other guys from previous book. Especially our “knight”.

Molly is the heroin in this book. Molly is a little bit crazy, innoncent and happy go lucky girl who are basically in her own world. If Molly and Maggie is a team it will be totally epic and i’m sure that Cap is going to lose her mind compare to when he is dealing with Maggie and Sinner

Are you curious how the romance between them started and how it will going. How an alpha man who is struggling with the previous accident deal with the crazy Molly. If you are please go and buy the book.

The thing is, we can’t always be at our best. We have good days and bad days. Sometimes we make decisions that affect us for the restof our lives. But Tony, you can’t let those decisions determine who you are now. You have to fight to be the man you should be and can be – Molly

[My Review] A Mad Reed Security Christmas by Giulia Lagomarsino

Title : A Mad Reed Security Christmas

Author: Giulia Lagomarsino

Mature: Yes

Rating: 4/5

Thank you for giving me the chances to review this book and i’m sorry for posting it a little bit late from the date i promise to post.

If you have read the previous book of Reed Security. You know that trouble is always following them. Now almost everyone in the team have their own partner and having kid, plus in addition of few member like Tony Tacos.

For this new book, there is not a lot of action but i like that the author give almost everyone a chapter on their own so i can read from their perspective too. The author also seem to love it when the women in this book wear a boat neck style of clothing because i think every time the heroin wear a dress, it always a boat neck style.

I have a few question like how many kids that the couple already have since i keep forgetting about it because they seem to keep popping up babies. And in this book you can actually read a little bit about Becky (Our IT girl) relationship.

That’s all for the review.

[My Review] Take It Off The Menu by Christina Hovland

Title : Take It Off The Menu
Author : Christina Hovland
Publish Date : August 23, 2019
Mature : Yes
Rating : 4/5

Marlee Medford wedding is cancel 48 hours before the wedding by her fiance name Scotty. Marlee also have a dog name Lothario. After she have a break down about the wedding, she call her bestfriends Sadie, Becca and Kellie but she bring his brother along (Eli) as a support.

Elis or Elias Santiago Howard is a chef and a caterer. His little sister name is Sadie and he is someone who are affraid of marriage and commitment.

If you want to know more about how their story unfold in this “A Mile High Matched Novel” don’t forget to buy the book

First of all i want to thank you for giving me this ARC. I really enjoy this book and to be honest i did not expect to finish reading this book because there’s a few chaoter that is a little bit boring for me.

I really love the female character in this book and her relationship with her friends. I wish i have a friend like marlee and her best friends.

For Eli. I totally understand that he scared of commitment but when they are in that kind situation. I like how he handle it by considering Marlee situation before the event that happen to both of them. But there’s a few part where i really hate Eli.

Other character that i like in this book is Jase grandmother. She’s so funny. It’s a good character to be add in the book

Lastly i want to said that in this book there is no cheating involved.

“You are always what anyone needs you to be. It’s time you are who you need you to be.”

“Being alone is not the only cause of loneliness.” “Sometimes, it’s being afraid.”

[My Review] Gunner by L. Wilder

Title : Gunner
Author : L. Wilder
Publish Date: 14 August 2019
Mature : Yes
Rating: 4/5

Cade or gunner is an ex marine
He meet Gus at age 24
It’s been 8 years since join Satan’s Fury (32)

August James (24)
A mom who have a 3 years old
Ex Husband is David James who is 17 years old than her (a politician)

Do you wanna how they meet each other? Don’t forget to read it

First of all i want to thank you for giving this ARC. I love it.

This review might be biased because i’m a fan of L. Wilder. I love the theme of this book: age gape, mother with kids, action , suspence.

The author also talk a little bit about aspenger and it’s good thing since i don’t really know about this illness.

I also love the interaction between Harper and her mother but there’s a part where i can predict what is going to happen next so it’s a bit boring.

Don’t worry there’s no cliffhanger and it is a happy ending but like always there will be another books for other character like Gus and Gabriella since Cade book is a part of Love, Royalty and Mayhem Anthology

“Put your hand on your heart. ” He waited silently as I did as he requested. “You feel that? As long as your heart’s beating , then you’ve got a purpose. You’ve just gotta figure out what it is.” – Gus

[My Review] Claiming Sarah

Title: Claiming Sarah

Author: Susan Stoker

Rating: 4/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Mature: Yes

Goodreads Link:

*Contains Spoiler*

I voluntary to review and I get this book from Netgallery

Claiming Sarah is the last instalment in Ace Security Series by Susan Stoker. This book is about Cole.  Cole is an owner of Rock Hard Gym along with Felicity. Cole is friend with Anderson triplets at Ace Security.

Sarah work as a certified nurse assistant. She is a girl who is being adopted by a gay parents when she is a kid but her dad’s end up dead in club bombing. Sarah is someone who is a nice person and a little bit innocent.  She work as NRC to Owen mother who is diagnosed with cancer. 

At the hospital while she take care of Owen mother, this is where Owen end up have some kind of obsession with Sarah. Owen is a man who is having a mind like a child. So he didn’t realize that some of his action is right or wrong.

Owen send a gifts and letters to Sarah home and Sarah didn’t like it so she contact Logan and Logan end up contact Cole where Sarah ask him to teach her a self-defence class. From then on they start to learn about each other and start dating but suddenly tragedy happen where Owen end up taking an injured Sarah from her home for a week.

After a week Cole able to save her from a cabin at a mountain and Owen end up living at a special place for special people like him.

First of all i always love Susan Stoker book but i don’t know but this time the book just didn’t click with me.  It so slow and i end up skip a lot of things.

Love Sarah character and i like that she is nice to everyone (for ex: at the bar) and she is a strong person who have a strong faith towards Cole while she is being keep for a week in that cabin.  You can also see that her character is a very patient person.  She treat and understand about Owen condition. She’s trying her best not to lose her patient with Owen when he is being like kid and she have a broken ankle.

[My Review] Police Officer’s Princess

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Title: Police Officer’s Princess

Author: Flora Ferrari

Mature: Yes

Goodreads Link:

Chance is a police officer and a single dad to a little game name Charlotte. After her wife (Carissa) passed away, his father arranged a date for him with a women because he want a big donation for his political campaign.

Violet is Victor younger sister, 23 years old virgin and have a crush on his brother best friend. Violet work as a dealer cards in a casino but she also do a street photography as a hobby because she want to be out of her comfort zone. While she’s trying to run to her car because she is late to work, she end up run into a guy and hit his crotch with her camera. She end up arrest at the place where Chance work.

They end up meeting with each other again when Chance is going to a date where his father arranged for him at the casino where Violet work. When Violet trying to run as fast as he can from her shift, she end up colliding with Chance and end up fainting in his arm.

After that they exchange phone number and there’s a lot of sexual tension between both of them. Victor didn’t really like about it but after they exchange a few punch he accept that his baby sister is in love with his best friend. Victor also have a past relationship with Hannah, Chance sister.

Chance and Violet end up have 9 kids after they got married

Things that I want to comment about this book is that we don’t really see an interaction between Charlotte and Chance and Charlotte and Violet. I wish there’s more about this. The book is a little bit boring and I end up skipping a few paragraph that I don’t think you should put in the book. But I like seeing the sexual tension between both of them

Thank you for the ARC

[My Review] Pieces Of A Broken

Tittle: Pieces of a Broken Heart (Whiskey Bend Series Book 1)

Author: Samantha Conley

Star: 3.5/5 ⭐⭐⭐

Goodreads Link:

This book is about a second chance romance where the main character Zach leave his hometown at age 18 and leave his girlfriend behind (Dani) to become a country music singer. His departure devastated and hurt his girlfriend feelings. After a few years both are doing their own things. Dani open a bakery at her town after her husband die (James) to take care of her daughter Lila.

Zach end up have to go back to his town because of the event that happen at the club where he end up having a sex with a married women at the bathroom. This event bring a bad image to Zach so his manager ask him to return to his hometown to avoid from this gossip. When he return he discover something about Dani and it make him feel jealous and trying to get back to his Dani and he feel regret about what he have done in the past.

Actually this is my first time reading a book from this author and this is my first review. Things that I like about this book is that the interaction about Dani and his daughter Lila. Lila is such a sweetheart. The things that I wish the author didn’t add in this book is the part Dani sex relationship with his brother-in-law.

[My Review] The Vintner’s Vixen

Tittle: The Vintner’s Vixen (River Hill Book 1)

Author: Jamaica Brinkley & Rebecca Norinne

Star: 3/5 ⭐⭐⭐

Mature Content: Yes

Goodreads Link:

This book is about Noah Bradstone who is an owner of the grape vines at River Hill. He have a dog name Molly and 2 other friend name Max and Sean. One day when he is going to visit to his vines he sees something that shock him. His vines is being clear out by unknown man and it turns out that that unknown man is doing at clear out at the wrong land. When he know about who is responsibility to clear out his land he went to meet with Angelica.

Angelica is a Hollywood actress who is trying to find a place to stay far from her Hollywood life and she made a decision to open a B&B at River Hill. This is where she and Noah start having a misunderstanding about the land. In the end she make a bargain with Noah that he can use some land of her property to plan the grapes and he can supplied the wines to her B&B.

They always arguing and they can fell the attraction with each other. So Angelica make a bargain that they become a friends with benefits but can Noah handle his feeling to Angelica or he can only just be a friends with benefits with her?

Actually this is my first time reading a book from this author and it takes a lot of times for me to finish the book. I’m not sure why it takes me a long of time to finish this book but maybe the storyline where the theme is Hollywood actress and some friend with benefits theme. Hope you like my review.